To start working on the real estate portal, please enter your login and password. If you are a first time user on the portal and want to upload your property for advertising purposes, then please follow the short registration process, making note of the rules of the portal and start getting potential clients.


The user of our property portal bears all responsibility that the information supplied is a valid and true representation of their advertisements. We will ban the advertisement and an account, if a user:
- Posts information in an advertisement that is not related to the proposal;
- Submits advertisements with incorrect (intentionally undervalued) prices;
- Publishes a property that has already been sold or does not exist;
- Includes in the property advertisement links to web resources, or any contact details (own or company);
- If the same proposal is duplicated by the same user;
- If a user uploads photos of a property which includes advertising texts, logos, water marks, links to sites, contact details and anything of this nature.